My VERY first blog

By Al Borda March 17, 2015 No comments
Without further ado, Here is my very first blog. I am thinking I’m about 10 years to late to start a blog, even if I stated a podcast at this point I would be behind the cure. Here is the funny thing, I personally think I am ahead of the curve on fashion design, well I call it “Sports Fashion”, it’s my own made up category. I started use in mass these following: styles, images fonts and techniques before almost everybody; The Iron Cross (exclude Independent) • The Iron Cross (exclude Independent) • Silhouette of a girl (exclude the mud flap on 18 wheelers) • Gothic Font in our logo • Term: So Cal • All over prints on out tee’s • Foil application on out products • FMX/MX riding shorts • FMX gear that went in the boot instead of those ugly ass baggy pants I mean I can go on for days with this but I think you get the point. Here is the issue I have, I have always been a small company no matter how much we used to do in sales. I was always the small kid on the block and bigger companies like Fox would see my work and capitalize on it, well that’s how I feel and that’s is why I have been so bitter for these last 17 years. I will be honest I lost the desire to be the pioneer of the “Sports Fashion” world. I made a very well living in this business but I think I just wanted to be recognized for the things I started by my colleagues, its like winning a Oscar or a Grammy. You can’t pay your rent with it but you feel like people other then your customers realized how good you are. I didn’t jump on the Social Media band wagon soon enough, I didn’t buy a million likes, fans and friends like maybe I should have and I don’t go around kissing peoples asses (clothing store buyers). I chat with my web customers and I will email them and call them personally, I mean I work the business, I design, pack, ship and sell and when I have to I collect as well (over the phone that is). Yes I have a team of people that help of course I couldn’t do it with out them, but I do every job there is here at Skin Industries and I enjoy all of them. My client tell hasn’t change, the age spam just adjust with time, I am not after the 16 to 24 year old, I’m not that cool Skater, Rap-Hip Hop, Techie, Geeky, MOD Artist, DJ Young Hipster anymore (and I never was). I don’t want to drive a Hybred I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee, I don’t live in a 7,000 sqft home anymore, I live in a 2,000 sqft track home, I like the simple life but with nice things. My customer is your mechanic, waiter, mid level business man or woman from the age of 25 to 50 they listens to Johnny Cash to No FX with some Zac Brown Band and Eminem of course. If you want a quality made product that will last, if you don’t want to look like all those douches with tight jeans and teal blue tees and don’t spend more time doing your hair then your chic – then Skin Industries is for you! Because this is my first blog and you might get to the end of the story I am going to offer a 20% discount code off your order type in blog at check out, and if you leave a comment on your thoughts of the blog I will include a special gift (ssshhh its a secret but it starts with "T" and end with an "E" with another "E" between them two - good from 3/18/2015 until 3/25/15 thanks for listening to my bull shit now go save some money! Thanks – Al Borda Skin Industries Owner and CEO