S K I N Industries

With its initial focus on Freestyle Motocross, Skin was founded in 1998 by current CEO and sole owner, Al Borda. Soon, Skin had not only established the most respected brand in the world of FMX, but had also developed a loyal following in Motocross circles. With so many of the top pros wearing Skin clothing, it wasn’t long before sports enthusiasts around the world considered Skin merchandise an essential part of an active lifestyle.

From the beginning, Skin’s vision was Sports Fashion -- comfortable, high quality clothing, designed to suit your active lifestyle, whether you’re competing, practicing or just messing around in the backyard. With edgy designs that express your love for the Extreme Lifestyle, Al Borda and Skin not only defined the Sports Fashion category, but set the standards and established the trends that left Skin’s soulless, faceless, corporate competitors scrambling to keep pace. Widely recognized as the only credible Sports Fashion clothing brand in the field of Action Sports, Skin merchandise has been sold nationwide at leading retailers, including Anchor Blue, Beal's, Burlington, CCS, Dillard's, DD’s, Foot Locker, Journey’s, Lids, Macy’s, No Fear Stores, Pac Sun, Ross, Spencer’s, TJ Maxx, Tilly’s, Zumies, and many more.

Today, Skin continues to support the enjoyment of sports at all levels, from unranked amateur to accomplished professional, and by all age groups, from childhood onward. Skin’s extended family includes Extreme Sports Athletes, other Pro Athletes, Musicians, Actors, Businesswomen, Businessmen, Kids, Students, Party Animals and HOT Ladies around the world! Skin’s professional sponsorships include: in BMX, Josh Hult, Dustin McCarty, and Lance Mosley; DJs, DeeJay Silver, CB Shaw, and Raul “R-Boogie” Alvarado; in FMX, Travis Willis, and Cody Cavanaugh; in MMA, Tony Ferguson, and Rion Almeida; Mountain Biker, Chris Reardon; Musician, Josh Villalta; Power Lifter, Ryan Celli; Skater, Adam Taylor; Snowboarder, Joey Mensch; Snowmobiler, Jimmy “Blaze” Fejes; and Street Bike Stunt Rider, Kane Freisen.

With your support, Skin has come a long way. Now, it’s time for the next big step. Soon, Skin will be offering MORE. For YOU.

Look for MORE outerwear, shoes, denim, underwear, and accessories. And, for now, we have a few new partnerships in the works with major action sports tours and concerts

So, stay tuned. Skin is about to revolutionize the industry once again..........